For a full explanation of our extremely competitive rates and fair customer policies, please call us at (314) 426-9355 or feel free to e-mail us at

Non-Warranty Work:

  • Regular Service - Regular Service turnaround changes daily and is dependent on in-stock parts. Please ask for our estimated time frame. Any shipping costs on non-stocked necessary parts are the customer's responsibility.

  • Regular Rush Service - Guarantee Diagnosis will occur within 3-5 Working Days of Drop Off date. Weekend Days and Holidays are NOT included. We charge an additional non-refundable fee for Regular Rush Service repairs. Any regular rush shipping charges are in addition to these fees.

  • Priority Rush Service - Guarantee Diagnosis will occur within 24-Hours of Drop Off Date. Weekend Days are NOT included. We charge an additional non-refundable fee for Priority Rush Service repairs. Any priority shipping charges are in addition to these fees.

  • Deposits - We require a deposit in advance equal to the minimum diagnostic/estimate fee for each piece being serviced. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and is applied toward the total charge. If Priority Service is chosen, that fee is also due at this time.

  • Diagnostic Fees - There is a diagnostic/estimate fee based upon item serviced. We charge a diagnostic fee because:
    1.) Locating the trouble is the greater part of any repair job.
    2.) For a diagnosis to be complete, it must include a complete test of unit.
    3.) In some cases, unit must be made operational to give complete diagnosis.
    4.) It speeds up the entire repair process.

Manufacturer Warranty Work:

  • Manufacturer policies and requirements concerning what constitutes a warranty repair must be abided by. In some cases shipping and diagnostic charges are not covered for the item and/or parts. Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer warranty terms.

  • The customer must provide a valid bill of sale. Not all warranties are transferable.

  • Manufacturer warranties don't include any priority service labor or shipping fees.

L.S. Electronic's Warranty:

  • The LS warranty covers parts for 30 days and labor for 90 days as of the original invoicing date. This warranty only covers parts and labor time applicable to the original complaint and work done.

  • Our Parts Warranty covers only parts purchased and installed at LS Electronics. Our labor warranty does not apply if parts installed are not purchased from LS Electronics.

  • The warranty is void if any signs of abuse or misuse are found. Determination of what constitutes abuse or misuse is at the sole discretion of LS Electronics.